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Sari Temple

Sari temple

Sari temple is located in Bendan hamlet of Tirtamartani village, Kalasan, Sleman, only around 3 kilometers from Kalasan temple. The temple is also named after the hamlet where it is situated. It is estimated that the temple was built at the same time as Kalasan temple on the 8th century AD during the rule of King Panangkaran. The two temples indeed have many similarities either in its architecture or relief. That these temples are correlated is stated in Kalasan inscription (700 Saka/778 AD). The inscription mentions that the spiritual advisors of Syailendra dynasty suggested King Tejapurnama Panangkarana or Rakai Panangkaran to build a shrine and a monastery for Buddhist monks. Following the suggestion, the king built Kalasan temple to the worship of Dewi Tara Sari temple as a monastery for Buddhist monks. That Sari temple serves as a monastery is indicated in the temple’s structures, structural components, and interior. The bell-shaped stupa on top indicates that this is a Buddhist temple.

Sari temple was discovered in ruins in the early 20th century. The first restoration was conducted between 1929 and 1930. Kempers said that the first restoration was not satisfying, as it failed to restore the temple to its original form because parts of the temple could not be found. In addition, parts of the temple had crumbled when they were discovered.