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Kalasan Temple

Kalasan temple

Kalasan temple is located in Kalibening village, Tirtamani, Sleman Regency, Yogyakarta Special Province, around 16 km to the east of Yogyakarta city. Kalasan inscription mentions that this temple is also known as Kalibening temple, referring to the place where the temple is situated. Another temple called Sari temple is situated not far from Kalasan temple. Both of the temples have similarities in magnificence of the building and the smooth carvings. Other unique characteristics found only in the two temples are the presence of vajralepa (bajralepa) to coat the sculptures and reliefs on the outer side of the wall.

A temple was typically built by a king or person who has authority over a specific area with various purposes such as a worshipping place, a religious teaching center, monastery, and administration center. The description of Kalasan temple is stated in the Kalasan inscription, written in the Javanese year of 700 (778 AD). The Kalasan inscription is written in Sanskrit language and pranagari letter. The inscription describes that spiritual counselors of the Syailendra dynasty had advised King Tejapurnapana Panangkarana to build a scared building to the worship of Dewi Tara and a monastery for Buddhist monks. According to Raja Balitung inscription (907 AD), Tejapurna Panangkarana refers to Rakai Panangkaran, the son of Sanjaya King from Hindu Mataram kingdom.